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If you look around, you will find information and thoughts on Organizational Development (OD) for NGOs in general and here in Indonesia.

The goal of this page is to create a place helpful to NGO managers and leaders and where Organizational Development and Development NGOs come together.

|NGO Values|      

To get started, take a look at some of the key key stated values of NGOs. If these are what we want, what do they look like in action?

Principles of Capacity Strengthening Capacity strengthening/building/development in the NGO world is more a concept than a field of study or practice.  Can we develop Principles for its practice?

Institutional & Organizational
Lots of Organizations do "Institutional Development" - What is that? Let me know. In exchange, I'll do my best to define Organizational Development.

& Partnering
Are working to develop capacity in another organization, or even a community? If so, are you a manager or consultant? Here is a common question from field staff --"How do I get them to do what I know should be done?" Consulting skills can help answer this question

A Healthy
What is a healthy organization? I doubt anyone knows for sure, but here is some of my thinking on the subject.

Structure        As project managers, many of us have thrown together Organizational Structures. How does structure affect getting our project's work done?

Other OD 
NGO/PVO and Small Business Management Sites

Organizational Development Sites

International and Indonesian Non-Profit Organization Sites

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Sites

Purchase OD & Management Books
In association with, Management and OD books by authors such as Drucker, Wolf, Block, Weisbord, and Schein are available from this web site. Please check out my bookstore for management and OD resources.

Coming sometime in the future:

Evaluations. Are they something to dread? A pain in the ....? Useful? Can they be made more useful for managers?

Networking is a common strategy for NGOs. Networks offer many benefits, but they also cause many problems. What can be done to maximize the benefits and reduce the pain?

The goals of NGOs include creating healthy vibrant communities and societies.

One of the main goals of OD is healthy organizations.

But what is a community or a society if it is not a network of Organizations?
The tools, concepts, and practices developed in OD
have a lot to offer NGO -- both in the field and in their own offices.

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