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If you Want to:
Increase the impact and assistance your NGO provides,

But face difficulties:

  • frustrations and delays in important activities
  • confusions in implementation
  • communication problems
  • disagreement on goals, strategies, or methods
  • uncertainty about the future
  • low target group or funder satisfaction
  • high employee turnover rates or low motivation
  • difficulty in proving your impact

I can help

your organization discover what is blocking getting your work done and, on a customized basis, work with you and your managers to develop processes, systems, and activities to overcome those blocks. To overcome the blocks to getting work done, I work with you and your managers to help to:

  1. Identify and clarify the organizational goals (greater impact, increased efficiency, improved service, secure funding) that you would like to achieve
  2. Explore your own systems
  3. Discover what is blocking effective work
  4. Create and choose realistic solutions that overcome these blocks
  5. Make commitments to implement changes that result in higher productivity, better quality work, lower costs, and greater impact

I Also

Retreats Regular Retreats bring organizations together, facilitate self evaluation, build team consensus, develop future directions, and re-dedicate organizational members. I design and facilitate participatory retreats which result in greater understanding of organizational behavior, effective, realistic plans, and high organizational commitment. All Retreats are highly participatory, involving all participants in identifying retreat themes, collecting data and diagnosing issues, and developing serious plans and commitments.


& Training
Workshops help groups tackle difficult issues and get work done; in the process, participants learn by doing. Trainings focus on imparting skills which the participants will later apply to their work. I design and conduct both workshops and training based on an explicit needs assessment and experiential/participatory techniques. In the past, I have conducted workshops in the areas of organizational diagnosis, organizational structure, project planning, monitoring &evaluation, team building, Myers Briggs Type Indicators, leadership, Training of Trainers, contracting services, organizational governance, and consulting skills.


Good strategies are based on understanding of the NGO’s environment and clear concise vision and mission. I facilitate organizations in identifying and collecting the information they needs to prosper. With this data, the management and staff work together to develop their shared vision, identify blocks to that vision, create strategies to overcome the blocks, and finally develop work plans to implement the strategies. The results of this highly participatory process are shared goals and commitment.


Evaluations Evaluations can be important tools for project and organizational health. In a good evaluation, a project collects and analyses data on its performance and impact and makes decisions for next steps. Following an action research model, I work as collaboratively as possible with NGOs, sharing the responsibility for collecting data, analyzing the results, and developing recommendations. This collaborative process results in improved self evaluation capabilities and real decisions that will be implemented.

Past clients

World Wide Fund for Nature, Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (YLBHI), WALHI, PACT/Indonesia, Bina Swadaya, CRS/Indonesia, NOVIB, VSO/Indonesia, Global Movindo, Care, Business Dynamics, Cambodian American National Development Organization, PACT/Cambodia, Khmer Buddhist Society/Cambodia, and Vaddhanak/Cambodia.

Full List of Services


    My mission is to assist NGOs to increase their positive impacts in their areas and for their target groups.

    I work with NGO leaders and staff to help them identify, analyze and improve internal conditions which are preventing them from overcoming external blocks.

    My work, whether it is evaluations, retreats, workshops, coaching sessions or trainings, focuses on helping NGO leaders and staff increase their ability to understand their own organizations and to create exciting productive environments which effectively manage organizational functions, programs, and change.

    My work is based on the principles and practice of action research, collaboration, process consulting, and adult growth and learning. The long term goal of my work is an NGO community which models empowering behavior, leading to empowered individuals, communities, and societies.


    Frank C. Page
    Jl. Tunjung III/10
    Tomang, Jakarta
    Tel: 021-568-0359
    Fax: 021-568-0359

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