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Ten years experience consulting to strengthen local NGOs in Indonesia. Six years of international experience with US Private Voluntary Agencies in managing grassroots community development. Skilled in designing, monitoring, and evaluating projects. Trained in assessing organizational needs and planning for change. Able to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia. MS. in Human Resource Development/Organizational Development and an MS. in International Agricultural Development with an emphasis in Agricultural Economics. Particular experience and interest in:


·       Developing effective participatory organizations

·        Assessing organizational needs and managing change

·        Designing programs that meet specific needs of organizations and communities

·       Developing partnerships with NGOs & communities

·       Strategic Planning

·        Organizational Diagnosis and Profiles

·        Project Evaluation and Planning

·        Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Systems (PMES)

·        Organizational Structure

·        Training & Coaching - Management/Leadership Skills, OD & Consulting Skills, TOT & Participatory Methodologies, Team Building & Myers-Briggs Type Indicators


Organizational Development Consultant,                                                              December 1993 - Present
Jakarta, Indonesia

Established one person consulting business under the auspices of PT UMS. As a consultant I have provided organizational development consulting, training, and project evaluation services to both local and international NGOs in Indonesia and Cambodia. My key strengths are in the areas of a) Strategic and Project Planning, b) Organizational Diagnosis, c) Management, Monitoring, and Evaluation, d) Building Collaborative Relationships, and e) Managing Change.



BP/Chemonics International, Jakarta, Indonesia

September, 2001 – October, 2002


BP/Chemonics Resettlement Advisory Panel Manager:  Managed interactions between a Resettlement Advisory Panel made up of two world class experts based in Washington DC and the BP Tangguh Project Resettlement Team based in Jakarta and Irian Jaya.  Worked closely with Resettlement Managers to implement Panel Advice and develop medium and short term action plans.  With the Resettlement Advisory Panel, planned, organized, wrote, and edited the Land Acquisition and Resettlement Action Plan for the Tangguh Project’s Environmental Impact Statement and BP’s internal review process.

Civil Society Support and Strengthening Program (CSSP), Jakarta, Indonesia

July – August, 2001


Reporting and Monitoring Training Workshops: Designed and conducted two follow up workshops that  a) reinforced the results of the first workshop, b) provided feedback to the participants on first round of reports submitted in order to improve report accuracy and quality, and c) facilitated the participants to evaluate their own NGO’s monitoring system and develop plans for improvement.  Cooperating with PAKTA, developed a simple monitoring database program (MonEv) that assists projects and NGOs to records and report outputs, outcomes, and impacts.  This program was introduced and distributed during these workshops.

March, 2001


Manual Writing: Wrote manual describing the reporting the requirements for CSSP grantees and explaining how to organize and complete the CSSP program monitoring forms, data tables, and narrative reports.

January, 2001


Report Training Workshop: Designed and conducted  the first in a series of 3 workshops to develop CSSP grantees' capability in writing monitoring reports.  Facilitated the group through refining the monitoring report outline, understanding the data tables, required, and practicing writing draft reports.

October, 2000


Project Evaluation: Designed framework for and conducted evaluation of a national public opinion survey conducted by the Consortium for Public Opinion Polling.  The evaluation showed that the Consortium was able to conduct a statistically valid national public opinion poll and deliver a useful product to the MPR/DPR.

Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF)/Yayasan Tanpa Batas, Kupang Indonesian

March – April, 2001


Program Evaluation: Conducted participatory end of project evaluation for MSF’s AIDS prevention program in Kupang as well as designed and implemented organizational diagnostic and planning workshops local staff and new board of directors to develop action plans for converting the MSF project into the local NGO, Yayasan Tanpa Batas.

August, 2001


Strategic Planning: Designed and facilitated strategic planning workshop for the newly formed Yayasan Tanpa Batas.

PACT, Jakarta, Indonesia

December, 2000


Training of Trainers: Co-designed and facilitated a Training of Trainers Workshop for NGO staff members who will train their colleagues in facilitation skills under Pact's Discuss project

August, 2000


Project Evaluation: Lead a three member team to evaluate Pact's Indonesian NGO Partnership Initiative (INPI).  Designed evaluation framework and conducted staff interviews and a three day collaborative workshop to collect and analyze data on the project.

May, 2000


Annual Retreat: Facilitated PACT staff in redefining their core technologies and country mission.  Assisted group in developing plans to implement and market updated office mission.

November, 1999


Project Evaluation & Planning: Facilitated a three day workshop for members of Jaringnet to evaluate accomplishments and lessons learned over the two years of the Indonesian Rapid Response Initiative (IRRI) project and develop plans for new IRRI proposal.

August, 1999


Training: Co-designed and facilitated Evaluation Training Workshop for a team of evaluators that PACT will hire to evaluate their INPI project grantees.

April, 1999


Training: With a team from Business Dynamics, designed and facilitated a Training for Facilitators in Participatory Methods for members of PACT's Jaringnet Project

November - December, 1995


Project Evaluation: Represented PACT on final evaluation team of the USAID funded EPOCH AIDS Prevention Project.  Evaluated the project's design, process, and impact of delivering technical and institutional development assistance to seven Indonesian NGOs working with high risk groups in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.  The evaluation documented the effectiveness of combining TA and funding, especially to new and developing NGOs.

March - September, 1995


Organizational Structure: Assisted PACT Staff review and develop their organizational structure. 

Training: Conducted needs assessment of Institutional Development tools and skills within PACT. Designed and conducted trainings on Diagnosing Organizational Health, Training of Trainers, Consulting Skills, and Team Building. Developed organizational diagnostic tool for use by PACT Project Directors.

October - November, 1994


Strategic Planning: Facilitated PACT/Indonesia develop five-year strategic plan.

Monitoring & Evaluation: Developed project monitoring system for three PACT Institutional Development projects and facilitated PACT/Indonesia's Strategic Planning process which developed PACT/Indonesia's vision, strategic directions, quarterly plan, and 90 day work plan.

 Business Dynamics, Jakarta Indonesia

May, 2000


Organizational Diagnosis: Conducted four day Institutional Development Framework Workshop with Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (IAKMI)

August, 1999


Organizational Diagnosis: With a team from Business Dynamics, designed workshop and facilitated MSI's Institutional Development Framework Workshop for the HIV/Aids Prevention Project (HAPP) Secretariat.

December, 1998


Organizational Diagnosis: With a team from Business Dynamics, designed and facilitated MSI's Institutional Development Framework Workshop for the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program Facilitation/Secretariat section.

Project Concern International (PCI), Jakarta, Indonesia

May, 2000


Myers Briggs Type Indicators: Administered and scored MBTI instruments (some in English, some in Bahasa Indonesia) and conducted one day workshop to confirm results from the instruments and introduce the MBTI to the organization.

January - February, 2000


Strategic Planning: Facilitated PCI staff collect data on the organizations customers, competitors, strengths, and weaknesses and develop a five year vision for the organization and plans to achieve that vision.  Facilitated half-day discussions on managing conflict and developing PCI structure.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Jakarta, Indonesia

February, 2000


Conservation Strategic Planning: Facilitated TNC senior staff in developing TNC/Indonesia's conservation strategies for upcoming five years.

December, 1999 - May, 2000


Grant System Development: Working with TNC senior staff, develop a grant proposal and financing system consisting of proposal formats, financial formats, and handbooks describing how to use the systems.

October, 1999


Strategic Planning: Facilitated TNC's Senior Management team to evaluate external opportunities and develop a vision, strategic aims, and program plans for the Indonesian Country Program

World Wide Fund for Nature, Jakarta, Indonesia                                                                 

July, 2001 &
June, 2000


Project Planning: Facilitated WWF's Nusa Tenggara program review and evaluate its achievements for the previous year and develop program plans for the next three years based on the evaluation and strategic plan.

April, 2000


Ecoregion Based Conservation (ECB): Facilitated WWF/Wallacea and partner NGOs in developing plans to undertake and ECB program for Nusa Tenggara.

October, 1999


Program Planning: Facilitated week and a half workshop to develop strategies (based on WWF/Netherlands's strategy of Magnification) and work plans for WWF/Wallacea Program Campaigns.

July, 1999


Project Planning: Facilitated WWF's Nusa Tenggara program develop strategies and program plans for the next three years.

May, 1999


Strategic Planning: Facilitated Strategic/Program Planning for  WWF's National Initiatives Division with Division members and the senior management team

March, 1999


Program Planning: Facilitated Team Building and Program Planning Workshop with WWF's Wallacea Program

December, 1998


Ecoregion Based Conservation: Facilitated the introduction of WWF/US's Ecoregional Based Conservation System to senior members of the Irian Jaya Region Team and Jakarta Technical Support Unit.

October - November, 1998


Project Evaluation and Planning: Facilitated an Internal Review of the WWF Kayan Mentarang National Park Project. The Internal Review identified work accomplished to date, sharpened plans to complete the current phase of the project, and developed the vision and goals for the next phase of the project.

October, 1998


Facilitated the WWF/Indonesia's Annual Meeting.

May, 1998


Organizational Structure: Facilitated WWF/Indonesia's senior management team develop a new structure for the organization based on Bioregional Conservation.

April, 1998


Strategic Planning: Facilitated Senior Staff of WWF to further define and finalize the Strategic Plan for WWF/Indonesia. In the workshop, the group developed a clear vision for WWF's work in Indonesia and broad strategies to achieve that vision.

March, 1997


Project Evaluation: Designed and conducted a three day workshop to evaluate WWF's Wasur National Park Project and develop plans for the continuation and eventual phase down of the project.  Wrote draft proposal that was funded by WWF/Netherlands.

Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (YLBHI), Jakarta, Indonesia

.April, 1998


Monitoring & Evaluation Systems: Designed and conducted three-day Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation System (PMES) Workshop for YLBHI senior management and LBH local office Directors. Workshop resulted in the design of an integrated PM&E system.

NOVIB, Jakarta, Indonesia ...

December, 1997  -February, 1998


Organizational Profiles: Researched and wrote organizational profiles of Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (WALHI) and Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (YLBHI) for the Dutch funder NOVIB. Profiles describe history, organizational structure, work processes of these organizations as well as documenting results of organizational development efforts and programs

Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (WALHI), Jakarta, Indonesia

May, 1997 -
May, 1998


Management Systems: Consulting with Badan Executive of WALHI to improve internal planning and monitoring systems, develop recruiting and hiring systems, increase effective internal communications and management mechanisms, and increase effectiveness of network wide meetings.  Facilitated two annual evaluation and planning workshops for WALHI Badan Executive. Conducted short training sessions on delegation and conflict management.

January - February, 1995


Project Evaluation: Managed three-man team to prepare the final evaluation of the USAID funded Promoting Environmental Advocacy and Policy Dialogue Project completed by WALHI. Facilitated the staff of the WALHI Secretariat through a strategic planning process, which developed the Secretariat's vision, strategic directions, strategic benchmarks, quarterly plan, and 90-day work plan.



OEF International, Acting Latin America and Asia Director, Washington

March, 1991 - July, 1991


Developed networks and marketing materials necessary for developing partnerships with organizations in Latin America and Asia. Wrote proposal for OEF's partner organization in Honduras and received funding.

OEF International, Project Manager, Somalia

July, 1989 - March, 1991


Managed establishment of Micro Enterprise Credit Program for Women. Developed implementation plans. Hired local staff of five field workers and two accountants. Developed credit procedures and policies with credit consultant. Represented OEF to local and national government officials and USAID. Prepared project budget and co-wrote project amendment for USAID. Planned and implemented organized close out of project before civil war forced evacuation of Somalia.

Save the Children, Field Manager, Sri Lanka

November, 1986 - July, 1988


Managed establishment of new Impact Area. Developed five-year plan and annual implementation plans. Designed and implemented community based revolving loan programs. Developed with Deputy Director planning, financial, and reporting systems for Sri Lanka Field Office Impact Areas.


MS. Human Resource Development, American University/NTL Institute, Washington, DC. April 1993.

MS. in International Agricultural Development with an emphasis on Agricultural Economics, University of California, Davis. December 1984.

BA. in Economics, Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, June 1979.


Bahasa Indonesia and Cebuano (Philippine Dialect)


Facilitating Strategic Planning, NTL Institute, Alexandria, Virginia.  This program covered both a systematic process for developing strategic plans and methods for facilitating a group through the process.

Managing Conflict: Organizational and Interpersonal, NTL Institute, Alexandria, Virginia. Covered nature of conflicts and tools for diagnosing and positively confronting conflict situations. (1/97)

Winning Through Participation, Institute for Cultural Affairs, Fairfax, Virginia. Covered processes for participatory discussion, consensus building, and action planning. (3/93) and Strategic Planning (5/93)

Open Space Technology, McNair and Associates with Harrison Owen, Springfield, Virginia. Covered the process for conducting Open Space Technology conferences. (2/93)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Qualifying Workshop, Otto Kroeger Associates, Fairfax, Virginia. Received qualification to purchase, administer, and score Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. (7/92)

Training of Trainers, US Save the Children, Westport, Connecticut. (10/85)